Happiness in Simplest Things in Life

From now on, let’s each and every one of us take comfort in simplest things in life.

Like watching the trail of rain on the window, enjoying the quiet morning a little longer before rushing into the day or embracing our sweet tooth by having an intimate breakfast with the closest circle, talking about this strangest thing called life, our last few dreams. 

As many of us know might not have that pretty much time left to be anything we want, or once dreamed of. But we know if there’s no much left on the table, means that it really is time for us to focus on thing that worth pursuing; no matter how little that dream might be for some people.

From now on, we also promise to take good care of ourselves. To prioritize our mental health over everything. To stick with people that help us grow. To appreciate quality instead of quantity. To always thank ourselves to keep on trying even there are many times, big times, we lost hope and opted to quit. To be grateful for our body, the one we only have, that company us through every season of of our life.

That we shall agree to expose ourselves to something that really fills us up.
Be it the lyric of the songs, line from movies or books and podcasts that move us, the interaction in the small community which aim no bigger stage or brightest spotlight but improvements and progress.

That we shall remember. To never value ourselves based on a popular opinion. To never create or involve in something because it’s trending but only when we pour our heart in it. To not consume anything because everyone’s there and doing it.
An authentic self no needs approval from anyone, nor likes, number of followers or so called delusional internet fame.

To be brave even when we have to stand alone. Just like the wildest flower in the garden.


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